Aeron Chair Lift Replacement

By , March 27, 2010 2:24 pm

Aeron chairs can last forever since parts are easy to get and replace.

Aeron chairs can last forever since parts are easy to get and replace.

My beloved Aeron chair in my home office went entirely flat. It went down to it’s lowest level and wouldn’t life up anymore. This made it a bit challenging to work on my computers as I was looking up at the monitors. This defeated the whole idea of an ergonomic chair. So I started to look for a way to fix the lift.

After a LOT of searching, I called a place called Home Office Solutions in Chicago that had a replacement kit for $95 delivered. Although this is the price of a replacement chair at Staples, I figured that the Aeron was well worth the repair. I just wasn’t sure if that was a good price.

The guy at the other end of the line told me that this kit included not only the 2 stage lift (that’s what my chair had), but also two (2) tools. One was a lift off tool for the base of the chair where the wheels attach and the other separated the lift from the tilt mechanism at the seating area. After a few more questions and being assured that with these tools I could do it myself in 5 minutes, I went for it.

Today (Saturday) the parts arrived just as the sales representative said it would. It took 4 days from Chicago, IL. to northern California. I took out the kit and looked and the parts, did a quick read of the instructions, and went to the garage to fix my chair.

So here is what I learned. It took more than 5 minutes, but only about 15 so that wasn’t so bad. The tool to get the base with the wheels separated from the hydraulic lift wasn’t really needed. You could of just as easily used a rubber mallet and just hit the base of the lift. Since the entire lift replacement was being replaced anyway, it didnt matter if it was totally messed up. The trickest part was supporting the legs so that when you hit the lift mechanism, the forces would actually lift the legs off the lift. It’s in there with a friction fit, but it’s wicked tight. All the wheels popped out before the base separated from the lift.

The other liftoff tool on the other hand, was well worth it! This tool straps around the part of the lift that is pressed into the seat area by the tiliting mechanism of the chair. You strap it on with a rubber band (actually it was an o-ring) then you hit it a few times real hard with a hammer. It popped right out.

Reassembly was a breeze. Everything was friction fit. Basically you put the replacement lift back in the chair tilt area and then put the base with the legs back on. I had to put the wheels back in since they had popped out with all the whacking. After that, you turn the chair over and then sit in it. That’s it. Overall this was really easy. The only tricky part was supporting the base of the chair with the legs as I hit the bottom of the lift with the rubber mallet. It may have been nice to have someone help for that part.

Now, I am back in seating heaven with my Aeron Chair. If your lift breaks, just fix it all yourself. It’s not hard if you are handy. You’ll need a rubber mallet and a hammer that’s about it. Actually you could use just the hammer. It’ll just mess up the bottom of the old lift, but that’s ok.

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