Circa 2011 - my official headshot from work.

Circa 2011 – my official headshot from work.

This is a question that can be interpreted in so many ways. It’s almost like the meaning of life or some other all encompassing and philosophical question. I have a couple of ways to answer this question and I’ll let you pick which you prefer!


My interests have changed dramatically throughout my life. Some events (like having a family) altered the time allocation for my interests, but my interests remain quite the same. Even if I haven’t had a chance to fly an R/C aircraft in a decade, they still interest me and I have all the paraphernalia hanging in my garage.

I am a tech junkie. Internet, computers, gadgets all interest me. I  get a great deal of satisfaction checking out new technologies. My friends often come to me with questions that are tech related. It could be a new mobile phone, a new home theater component, home automation, or just the latest laptop; I usually have studied it deeply and even tried it out.

I have an unusual (some say weird) knowledge of cars of all types. Specifically I am interested in performance cars. I’ve owned many of the famous marques (Ferrari, Porsche, Pantera, Mercedes) and hanker to own a few more when my familial duties are minimized.

And yes, my Family takes over as the #1 interest in my life at this time. Duties to the kids and wife trump everything I do, and in fact are the primary reasons that I don’t spend much time on my hobbies. Hey, they should be your #1 interest too!


I am going to leave all the gory details for this category in my resume that I’ll post later. For now, I’ll give you a rapid sampling of what makes me – me.

  • Paperboy – Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald
  • Busboy – Sampan Chinese restaurant
  • Cook – Sirloin Stockade
  • Manufacturing of Brass Belt Buckles – The Brassworks
  • Computer Sales – Computers to Go
  • Store Manager – The Byte Shop
  • Programmer – Consulting Applications and Management Systems
  • System Engineer – Borland International
  • Senior Acct. Representative – Open Access Systems
  • Product Manager – Borland International (Quattro Pro)
  • Senior Product Manager – Borland International (dBASE Win)
  • Director Marketing – Frame Technology / Adobe
  • VP Marketing – NetTools / DeltaPoint / Site Technologies
  • Founder – Passky, Inc. / PubliCard
  • Founder – iMiner / PriceRadar / eBay
  • VP Products & Marketing – Mediabolic / Macrovision
  • VP Marketing – Home Director
  • Founder & VP Marketing – Soonr, Inc.
  • VP Products, Mobile and Platform – Rearden Commerce, Inc.
  • VP Products – People Power Company
  • VP Products and Technology – Equilar, Inc.


I was born in Taiwan and moved to the USA when I was quite young. I grew up in Dallas, TX and then spent my High School years in Kingsville, TX. College was in Austin, TX. and then my first job (Borland) took me to Chicago, IL. After traveling all over the USA for work, I went down to Houston, TX where I met my wife. Eventually I moved to California to go back to work for Borland. I have been in Silicon Valley (CA) ever since. I love the weather, culture, and entreprenurial spirit here. There is no better place in the world to begin to change the world through technology.

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