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TPU MacBook Air Keyboard cover still the best

By , March 8, 2014 12:50 pm

It’s been a few weeks now with the white silicon keyboard cover and it is going to be replaced. For all the reasons I described in my last post, but the deal breaker was the fact that it blocked the backlight of the keyboard. I miss that feature too much. So I ordered a clear TPU cover and put it on my laptop a few weeks ago.

The protector arrived in a very nice package. There was a formed plastic keyboard template in the envelope to make sure that the actual TPU unit didn’t lose any of its’ shape. Overall it was an impressive presentation given that this cover only cost $8. I think the design sensibilities made popular by Apple is spreading. It’s a great thing.


Premium packaging for a low price.

Premium packaging for a low price.

Installed on my computer, the effect is exactly as I had hoped. The keys are protected but it’s so subtle that you can barely tell that it is there. Also the feel of TPU is not as “sticky” as silicon. Although you can tell there’s something there as you type, it is in no way as noticeable as silicon. About the only thing that’s not better than the silicon is the fact that the protection doesn’t extend much beyond the outer keys. The silicon unit overlapped the recess for the keyboard affording a bit more protection from spills, etc.

Protection without distraction!

Protection without distraction!

In the picture above, you probably can’t even tell there’s anything on the keyboard. The “soft” look on the keys looks like a photo anomaly or something. Nope, it’s just the TPU protecting the keys. So if there a bad thing about this cover? Well, it does get dirty after a while and become a little less clear. The good news is that it’s so easy to wash and restore it back to new that I do it every week or so.

At the end of the day, TPU is an amazing material. I’ve tried many types of covers for my iPhone and keyboards for my laptops and I always return to a high quality TPU. In the end, it is the best combination of protection and appearance that I have ever come across. Thumps up!

Pros and Cons of Keyboard covers for the MacBook Air

By , February 2, 2014 6:53 pm

The Macbook Air has one of the best keyboards that I have every come across. The keys are perfectly spaced and provide excellent tactile feedback. To top it off, it’s backlit. I’ve noticed that after a lot of use, the keys on my keyboard get slick from wear. Also, the keyboard seems susceptible to dust, dirt and liquids. A lot of different companies provide keyboard covers that can provide great protection.

Recently one caught my eye because it not only protects the keyboard, it makes the computer very unique and look completely different.

It changes the personality completely!

It changes the personality completely!

This was from a company called Kuzy. Its a silicon rubber cover, but it’s also white! I decided to give this a try on my computer and thought I’d share a few pros and cons after having used it for a few weeks.

Of course, this cover changes the personality of the computer quite a lot. Here is a picture side by side for comparison.

Standard Macbook Air KeyboardNew look!

As you can see, it drastically changes the way it looks. The protection afforded is very good as well. However, all is not great in keyboard land. There are several things that take getting used to.


  • It does look cool!
  • The keyboard is well protected from dust or liquids
  • It’s super thin and the fit is excellent.


  • Typing doesn’t feel the same. The added friction of the silicon keys feels totally different.
  • More effort is needed to press the keys. I don’t type as fast or as error free.
  • The backlight is blocked. I can’t see the letters as well. The painted silicon keys blocks the light.
  • Blocks air circulation? I heard that the Macs draw cooling air through the keyboard. I’m not sure this is entirely true, but if it was the case, this cover would block that air almost completely.

So all in all, this is a balance of style and function. I have a feeling that I will be periodically removing this cover when I get tired of the cons. However during the times that I am drinking or eating something while working on the computer, I’ll keep this installed.

BlueTooth Keyboard and Cover for iPad

By , July 3, 2012 8:33 am

So, you think you can live with your iPad but you could be so much more productive if you didn’t have to put up with the “soft” keyboard on the screen. I don’t know about you, but I like the feel of a full stroke keyboard so I thought I’d go looking for a keyboard for the iPad that was wireless. I hate dealing with wires and the whole idea of the iPad is to be totally portable right?

So I got an email offer for the keyboard below. I jumped right on it as it was the right price and I am just a sucker for a gadget add-on. If you visit my blog at all, I think you understand.

Nice aluminum casing with built in rechargeable battery!

So upon ordering and receiving my Hype HY-1023-BT keyboard, I was duly impressed with it’s appearance and overall quality. The aluminum matched very well with the iPad and the key action was very nice. The aluminum itself was a bit flimsy and not as good a quality as the aluminum on the iPad itself, but then again what is? However, what I really liked was the way that you could prop up the iPad in a slot in the keyboard and get a psuedo laptop experience.

Wow, it looks like a mini-laptop in this mode!

But the real the kicker was that I could place the keyboard on top of the iPad and have it become one protected compact unit as shown below.

Protected like a clamshell. Keyboard snaps on face of iPad.

OK, so enough of the physical coolness of this keyboard. How does it really work and is it worth the price of admission?

After using this on and off for a week, here’s my quick list for your consideration.


  • Great protection for the iPad face. Great and secure fit.
  • Full key action is great for long sessions of writing and / or email answering.
  • Blue tooth pairing is easy and wakes up every time without incident. It will even go into powersave mode if you forget to turn off the power switch.
  • Rechargeable battery uses a standard mini-usb for charging.
  • Combo touchscreen and keyboard is nice and you get used to it fast.
  • Lots of curious looks and compliments.


  • If you have any kind of case or protection on your iPad already, you have to remove it to fit this keyboard cover. I had a nice Belkin TPU cover along with the Apple smart cover that had to be removed. This leaves the back of the iPad vulnerable.
  • Taking the cover off is not so easy. It takes a bit of effort to snap off and then insert in the stand. You also have to turn on the Bluetooth keyboard to get a connection.
  • If your battery dies, you are outta luck.
  • I found I didn’t use my iPad as much because it was work to get it setup.
  • It’s too much like a laptop now.


I think the last two items in the CONS column seal the deal. I found that the convenience of whipping out the iPad for a quick session was defeated. It took a while to set up the iPad and the immediacy was compromised. So I went back to my TPU case and Apple Smartcover. It may not be as cool, but it makes the instantaneous usage of the iPad much easier. Apple got it right.

However, if you want t a full sized keyboard and you don’t want to spend the bucks for the one from Zagg or Loitech ($100), then this is an awesome alternative. Oh yeah, how much did I pay? I got it through a GroupOn Deal for around $25! For that price, it’s a steal.


New Vaio Z – time to protect

By , November 23, 2010 1:47 am

Ah, I loved my last laptop. It was 3lbs, wicked powerful and had a Blu-ray player (that I never used). As new laptops came out, I noticed a few things that were sorely lacking in mine. It didn’t have a backlit keyboard and I was running out of hard drive space. I had experimented with a few SSD’s but they were never cost effective. Well, a lot can change in a year.

My latest is another Vaio Z. This one is all silver and quite slick. The big difference is the backlit keyboard and an SSD! Not one SSD, but 3 of them configured to give me 384GB of solid state storage. Its got a 4-5 hour battery life as well. Love it.

Of course I had to protect this laptop. I discovered a few items with my last laptop that I wanted on this one as well. First is a keyboard protector to keep all the dirt, dust, and liquids from hurting the keyboard electronics. With a backlight, there’s even more stuff to protect.

The CoolSkin is once again the item of choice.

It’s once again a nice TPU (not silicon) cover. Silicon turns milky and opaque and is also rather tacky in feel. The cheap ones get all dusty as well. Get the CoolSkin, it’s the ticket.

Of course, the beautiful new carbon fiber lid with the silver finish needs protection too! Once again, I went to a trusted vendor. I got this one from the folks at SGP (a Korean company) again. The accuracy of the cut for the lid protector never ceases to astound me. This time, I got a simulated carbon fiber look.

It's Vinyl but it looks awesome

So for the time being, I have laptop nirvana again. It seems likeĀ  have painted my old laptop and then sped it up! The only thing it doesn’t have is the Blu-ray player I never used.

The SSD is awesome and makes the laptop super fast scoring a windows experience index of 7.9. I never have to defrag anything since the random access of an SSD doesn’t suffer from the fragmentation issues of mechanical drive. The Windows Experience Index, if you believe those kind of things is 4.2, which reflects the desktop graphics performance. But I digress, when you get a laptop you love, protect it! You’ll be glad you did when you recover over half of what you paid for it when you sell it in a year….

Without further delay, here’s all the details of this laptop in the Windows Experience Index.

Pretty darn good for a laptop!

Silicon Sheet Keyboard Condom

By , May 19, 2009 7:52 am

Here’s something a bit weird and wonderful. I saw these keyboard protectors for sale. They protect your laptop from food, spills, and dust. Since it was so cheap at $7, I thought I would give it a go.

This label has sime odd translations on it.

This label has sime odd translations on it.

I prepped it by dusting off the keyboard and then I just laid it on top. It’s not the most attractive thing, but we’ll see if it’s a keeper. I’m usually pretty careful not to eat or drink directly over my laptop, but you never know.

Also notice the funny benefits that are on the package. It’s another case of something being slightly lost in translation.

  • Made the best Japanese Silicon, soft touch
  • It is flexible, easily fixed and helps muffle typing noises.
  • Make you enjoy foods while operating your PC
  • It is washable and Make virus away from your fingers.

So how does it all work out in the end? Not so sure. It fits well enough, but the plastic isn’t exactly clear so it picks up a lot of reflections in overhead lights. I have a backlit keyboard, so the reflection is less of a problem when it’s dim and the backlight comes on. Also, it’s kinda stick and makes the typing experience very odd. My fingers don’t glide from key to key as easily when typing quickly.

Although it protects, it also makes it harder to see your keys.

Although it protects, it also makes it harder to see your keys.

I first saw these when a friend of mine from Singapore was using it on her Toshiba. It seemed a good idea at the time. it does protect from spills and dust. Somehow, it reminds me of the plastic that comes on some car seats or furniture. It may be functional, but I think you should take it of before you actually use it. So overall, I think this classifies as a “FAIL” for me. It’s coming off soon.

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