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TPU MacBook Air Keyboard cover still the best

By , March 8, 2014 12:50 pm

It’s been a few weeks now with the white silicon keyboard cover and it is going to be replaced. For all the reasons I described in my last post, but the deal breaker was the fact that it blocked the backlight of the keyboard. I miss that feature too much. So I ordered a clear TPU cover and put it on my laptop a few weeks ago.

The protector arrived in a very nice package. There was a formed plastic keyboard template in the envelope to make sure that the actual TPU unit didn’t lose any of its’ shape. Overall it was an impressive presentation given that this cover only cost $8. I think the design sensibilities made popular by Apple is spreading. It’s a great thing.


Premium packaging for a low price.

Premium packaging for a low price.

Installed on my computer, the effect is exactly as I had hoped. The keys are protected but it’s so subtle that you can barely tell that it is there. Also the feel of TPU is not as “sticky” as silicon. Although you can tell there’s something there as you type, it is in no way as noticeable as silicon. About the only thing that’s not better than the silicon is the fact that the protection doesn’t extend much beyond the outer keys. The silicon unit overlapped the recess for the keyboard affording a bit more protection from spills, etc.

Protection without distraction!

Protection without distraction!

In the picture above, you probably can’t even tell there’s anything on the keyboard. The “soft” look on the keys looks like a photo anomaly or something. Nope, it’s just the TPU protecting the keys. So if there a bad thing about this cover? Well, it does get dirty after a while and become a little less clear. The good news is that it’s so easy to wash and restore it back to new that I do it every week or so.

At the end of the day, TPU is an amazing material. I’ve tried many types of covers for my iPhone and keyboards for my laptops and I always return to a high quality TPU. In the end, it is the best combination of protection and appearance that I have ever come across. Thumps up!

No Love for White iPhone cases

By , July 22, 2010 10:13 pm

My search for the proper iPhone case continues. I thought my previous TPU case was such a great deal and I was loving it….until it started to pick up the blue from my jeans and the yellow from daily use. The case now looks kinda nasty and is clearly not as white as the iPhone case itself.

I saw the case below at a Radio Shack and thought I would give it a try. It was a little different in that it was a hybrid clear and TPU. That sounded a bit more promising. My previous clear case scratched and cracked not long after I got it. This was a translucent and the TPU on the edge seemed of higher quality.

Another case to try. This one is a hybrid.

Once again the fit was excellent and I thought I might have another chance at case nirvanna.

Fit is great, but how would it hold up?

Well, a month went by and I am on another case already. Why? Well, the white surround is yellowing. The clear parts are intact, but the cutout for the logo still bothers me. Why leave that open to damage? Who would have thought it was so darn hard to find a decent case?

In fact, I am already on another case. This one from Speck. I have heard great things about them so I thought I would give them a try. I’ll report back after I have had some time with it.

In reality, my problems may be moot as I think I am going to move up (depending on what you think) to an iPhone 4 soon.  I’ll pass this phone down to someone and they’ll get a boatload of cases with it for fun.

TPU Cases are the Answer?

By , May 31, 2010 12:31 pm

Recently I got a TPU case for my iPad and was so impressed with the properties of this Thermo Plastic Urethane material that I decided to look for one for the iPhone. I wanted a clear case to showcase the aesthetics of my white iPhone. I quickly realized that getting just a plain clear one was difficult!

I could get all manner of decorated versions with patterns, flowers, butterflies, etc. but getting a plain clear one was hard! I eventually came across a white case that was only $4 on Amazon. OK, four bucks I could gamble with so I ordered it.

Here’s the case in all it’s glory. I really liked the TPU material once again. It forms perfectly to the phone and is not sticky like Silicon. Also note that it wraps to the front of the phone protecting the decorative chrome surround.

The molded shape fits perfectly to the phone.

The case wraps to the front protecting the trim ring

Alas, it seemed pretty good, but all was not ideal in my case word. It seems that the molding process left a bit of flash around the edges of the mold. At first it didn’t bug me so much, but as I was carrying the case during the week it really started to bug me. I could feel the flash every time I used the case. It started to feel sharp – ok, maybe it was just me. But I wasn’t having any more of it. It was time for some custom modification.

A utility knife blade does a good job of trimming off the flash from the molding process of the case.

OK, now the case feels good. Along with the great fit and protection, it’s also now pretty pleasant to use. Here’s one more shot showing you how well the case was designed. The only thing I am not so sure about is that circular cutout to show off the Apple logo. It seems to me that this leaves a pretty vulnerable part of the phone open to the elements.

Excellent fit and a ridiculously cheap price

So at the end of the day, I think this is a really good case considering its throw away price. I’ve paid $30 and $10 for clear polycarbonate cases, $15 for a silicon case, $30 for a hard plastic with rubberized coating case, $50 for a leather case,$30 for a combo silicon and hard plastic case and $20 for a silicon case with accessory holder. After all those cases, this one is definitely the best value.

Oh, on a side note, a friend has indicated that she found a plain clear TPU case and will be sending me one. I’ll report on that case after I receive it and use it for a week or so. Perhaps there’s something better out there after all.

Best iPad case EVER!

By , May 19, 2010 10:25 am

Like you (?) I have been looking for a way to protect my iPad that won’t defeat its beautiful design and form factor. After doing a bit of research and lots of purchasing, I have come across the best case EVER! It’s made of TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane). OK, pictures will be all you need to see. I can’t explain it any better.

The case as it came from LuxMo = Luxury mobile

The case as it came from LuxMo = Luxury mobile

Extremely thin and not sticky like silicon cases

Extremely thin and not sticky like silicon cases

The fit is amazing. Tight with no slop at all.

The fit is amazing. Tight with no slop at all.

Cutout is perfect and only as big as needed.

Cutout is perfect and only as big as needed.

You can get this case for only $16 at If you have an iPad, you need this case.

So what else have I tried? Here’s a quick rundown and why they don’t work so great.

1) InCase Silicon skin – this silicon rubber case fits loosely and never felt too secure. It’s got extra girth on the edges to make it easier to grip, but it also makes the iPad fat. Fail.

2) Apple iPad case – this OEM case is made of a synthetic suede like material. It fits well and fold in half like a portfolio. Problems? It’s got this heat sealed edge around it that look cheap. Also, the synthetic material picks up all kinds of dust and ends up looking dirty. Fail.

3) Crazy Digital Leather case – this one came close. It’s got great protection, a nice price ($20 on Amazon) and it also acts as a stand. The one thing I didn’t like is that it once again messes with the sleek design on the iPad. It affords great protection and is a good way to carry your pad “incognito” though. Here’s a quick picture of it.

Crazy Digital case is a nice tan leather and at a great price.

Crazy Digital case is a nice tan leather and at a great price.

So there you have have it. My search for the perfect iPad case is over. Now I just have to figure out if I would ever carry only the iPad over my laptop. I have a very nice portable laptop at only 3.1lbs. I take it everywhere I go. Although not as “wow” inducing as an iPad, I can do a lot more on it.

The best thing about the iPad is the instant on, picture viewing and also the applications made for it. For those things it rocks. Everything else is different, but not hugely better than my laptop.

At least my case problems are over.

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