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Tech guy in the silicon valley. If you need anything else, look on the blog. It's all there.

Over the Wall – Lessons in Leadership and Teamwork

I work in Redwood City, CA. It’s a few miles north of Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University. Lucky for us, Stanford and Redwood City have partnered for an educational series and this post is about one of those … Continue reading

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SopiGuard Skin for Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

I recently got a new 13″ ¬†Macbook Pro with TouchBar. This is a 2016 model and the TouchBar is a bit gimmicky, but that’s another story. I wanted to keep it svelte and thin, but also wanted some protection. I … Continue reading

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A year since I updated my blog!

With the popularity of social media, not much gets posted on my personal website these days. My friends pretty much follow me on Facebook and my professional associates follow me on LinkedIn. Those are really the only two outlets I … Continue reading

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So much new in the BMW

I’ve been doing so much work on this car and I have been documenting most it of at the BigCoupe forum. The reason for this is that this forum is full of enthusiasts and if there’s a question, they have … Continue reading

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A 30 year BMW rises again

There has been so much done to this car since the last post that I don’t even know where to begin. I have begun to put things into buckets depending on the priority required to get it usable as a … Continue reading

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