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Replaced my Lexus door speakers

OK, in my continuing effort to save myself from spending unnecessary bucks, I decided to tear into the doors of my Lexus and see what was up with the speakers. The left side of the Nakamichi car stereo stopped making … Continue reading

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Linksys PSUS4 print server to share a printer

I have 7 PCs in my house a one Mac. I also have 3 printers in the house – a laser, a color laser, and a photo printer. In the past, I would hook all the printers up to one … Continue reading

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Protecting the iPhone 3GS

I’ve probably spent more cases for the iPhone than the iPhone itself. I am torn between ultimate protection and keeping the sleek look of the iPhone. After case after case, I keep going back to the same one. Which one? … Continue reading

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Vaio Carbon Fiber lid protection

When I got my Vaio computer one of the coolest things about it was the impressively thin carbon fiber lid. However, I was kind of paranoid that all the traveling I do and slipping the laptop in and out of … Continue reading

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