Vaio Carbon Fiber lid protection

When I got my Vaio computer one of the coolest things about it was the impressively thin carbon fiber lid. However, I was kind of paranoid that all the traveling I do and slipping the laptop in and out of my bag would eventually scratch the lid. So I went looking for a protector for the lid.

Now, I’ve tried vinyl protectors before. I’ve created custom ones online and I have bought pre-made versions as well each left me a bit “cold”. Although they perform their function, they never look as good as I hope. I wasn’t going to tarnish my uber-cool Vaio with an ugly lid protector.

One day I saw a product on eBay that caught my eye. It was a lid protector made just for my Vaio. It claimed to look like leather and with a custom fit. It was also $26, so it wasn’t super cheap. What the heck I thought. I’ll give it a try. I ordered a brown color since the Vaio has nice Titanium and black colors and brown would soften it up a bit.

So the kit arrived days later very well packed. When I took out all the pieces, here’s what it looked like. The material looked pretty nice and I was encourage by how much thought had been put into the packaging and instructions.

Here's the kit before I install it.

Here's the kit before I install it.

So here I am putting it on my laptop. As you can see, there are very fine cutouts in the material that reveals the Vaio name. This piece was VERY accurately sized. It fit the top of my laptop perfectly.

Take is slow and easy to get an accurate fit.

Take is slow and easy to get an accurate fit.

After I got it on, I looked at it and touched it to see if it felt like leather. Well, no it doesn’t feel like leather, but it looks fabulous! Most people think that my laptop came with it from the factory when they see it.


It’s been several months now and I can say with absolute conviction that I am duly impressed with my laptop lid skin. It rocks! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to protect their laptop. It’s made by a Korean company I have never heard of! But you can always see their ads on eBay. Look for the seller “allcrafts2007”. This is called their SGP Premium skin.

I may get another just for variety. They have wood, leather,and many colors. They also have versions for lots of different notebooks (Yes they have them for Macs too). Give it a try. Thumbs way up!!

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