A Patent 5 Years in the Making

Soonr, the company I co-founded with some friends, filed for a patent way back in 2005. This patent described the (then) novel idea of a network that would automatically optimize its files for consumption on a mobile device. Specifically we had cell phones in mind. Sounds obvious now, but back in 2004-2005 it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. This was a time when the Motorola Razr was the big thing because it was so small. SMS, were just an inkling in the eyes of the Telecommunications companies.

Today, everyone expects a modern day smartphone to be able to view pages with formatting and detail similar to a printed page. In fact with an iPhone, you expect to be able to seamlessly zoom to get more detail. Well, all that processing and caching has to happen somewhere. According to US patent 7,779,069 this happens on a Network Mobility Server created to optimize the mobile experience.

The first page of our patent!

This patent was granted on August 17, 2010. It was 5 years in the making, but my friends and company are happy it has come to pass. It describes the foundation for the mobile experience that many folks take for granted today.

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