New Vaio Z – time to protect

Ah, I loved my last laptop. It was 3lbs, wicked powerful and had a Blu-ray player (that I never used). As new laptops came out, I noticed a few things that were sorely lacking in mine. It didn’t have a backlit keyboard and I was running out of hard drive space. I had experimented with a few SSD’s but they were never cost effective. Well, a lot can change in a year.

My latest is another Vaio Z. This one is all silver and quite slick. The big difference is the backlit keyboard and an SSD! Not one SSD, but 3 of them configured to give me 384GB of solid state storage. Its got a 4-5 hour battery life as well. Love it.

Of course I had to protect this laptop. I discovered a few items with my last laptop that I wanted on this one as well. First is a keyboard protector to keep all the dirt, dust, and liquids from hurting the keyboard electronics. With a backlight, there’s even more stuff to protect.

The CoolSkin is once again the item of choice.

It’s once again a nice TPU (not silicon) cover. Silicon turns milky and opaque and is also rather tacky in feel. The cheap ones get all dusty as well. Get the CoolSkin, it’s the ticket.

Of course, the beautiful new carbon fiber lid with the silver finish needs protection too! Once again, I went to a trusted vendor. I got this one from the folks at SGP (a Korean company) again. The accuracy of the cut for the lid protector never ceases to astound me. This time, I got a simulated carbon fiber look.

It's Vinyl but it looks awesome

So for the time being, I have laptop nirvana again. It seems likeĀ  have painted my old laptop and then sped it up! The only thing it doesn’t have is the Blu-ray player I never used.

The SSD is awesome and makes the laptop super fast scoring a windows experience index of 7.9. I never have to defrag anything since the random access of an SSD doesn’t suffer from the fragmentation issues of mechanical drive. The Windows Experience Index, if you believe those kind of things is 4.2, which reflects the desktop graphics performance. But I digress, when you get a laptop you love, protect it! You’ll be glad you did when you recover over half of what you paid for it when you sell it in a year….

Without further delay, here’s all the details of this laptop in the Windows Experience Index.

Pretty darn good for a laptop!

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