Are Lifetime Warranties any good? Yes!

I am sure that you’ve bought things in the past wondering if it’s worth it to look at the warranty duration. Most people never have to use their warranties for a variety of reasons. Most likely, you don’t keep the item long enough to worry about the warranty. Often times if the item is electronic, it’ll either break soon (within the warranty period) or it’ll last for a really long time. Then there’s items with a LIFETIME warranty. Is this a ruse? Something just to make you feel good? After all, who keeps things for a lifetime? Furthermore, there are probably a bunch of exceptions to the warranty that’ll make it impossible to collect on it anyway if the items simply wears out.

Well, that’s what I used to think. Here’s a shout out the the Hans Grohe company. When we remodeled our kitchen 5 years ago, we wanted to get fixtures and appliances that we would absolutely love. One of the items was a Hans Grohe Lady Luxe faucet. Now how much do you think a faucet costs? $100-300? You would be wrong! The Lady Luxe retailed for $749. I searched all over the web and found it for $450. Still, that’s rudely expensive for a faucet. The most I paid for a faucet up until then was probably in the $110 range and that was pushing it.

The 3rd new FREE part for my faucet

The faucet had a few items that I was dubious about. The handle was a nice sturdy metal composite with a rubberized black coating. That’ll never last I thought to myself. I lobbied for a regular chrome finish, which I know will last, while my wife wanted the brushed nickle.

You know where this is going. Style over substance was the order of they day as my wife won out on this one. After all, she was using the kitchen the most and she really liked this faucet. As for me, there was the curious offer of a LIFETIME warranty. Hmm I thought. If any of this fancy stuff breaks, I can get it fixed for free huh? OK, I’ll bite and give it a go.

So here we are 5 years later. As I suspected, things have broken, but I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to get new parts, each time for free!

1. Handle coating  – this was the first to go. As I suspected, the  rubberized coating started to come off. One it began, it never stopped. I called the company and they sent me a new part. Gratis.

2. Aerator – the pull out head had an aerator that popped out one day. This made the water stream way too strong and it splashed everywhere. This time I emailed the company via the website. They agreed to send me a new one if  sent the old one back.

3. Water hose – this time the stainless steel hose crimped by the head and cut into the rubber tubing inside causing the hose to leak. Once again,  emailed the company and they responded within one day.

Now it all sounds so easy, but it wasn’t s smooth. You see, I didn’t have a receipt for any of this stuff. Nonetheless, they agreed each time after some persuasion. So you see, I have just about had all the “moving” parts of this faucet replaced. I am now a firm believer in a lifetime warranty for premium items. If you bought a cheap item, the lifetime warranty probably doesnt matter as you’ll just throw it out and replace it. However, for an item like this, it’s really worth it.

So a shout out to the Hans Grohe company. They have really taken care of us even though we didn’t have the required “documentation” for our purchase. I would recommend that you keep your receipt though. It would have made the process much easier. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in the best item you can if they are willing to back it with a lifetime warranty. For a faucet, the important thing is the valve mechanism. All the cosmetic stuff is replaceable for free! Also, you don’t have to get into the price stratosphere to get a lifetime warranty. I’ve seen similar offers from much more economical options. Bottom line, take advantage of those warranties for the things that you can. It’s well worth it.

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