You can never have enough power! For your phone.

I found an amazing charger for my iPhone. It’s priced right and it has very unique features. But before I show it to you, let me tell you about my iPhone usage.

Like you, I take my iPhone everywhere. It’s amazing what it can do and I use it for things like video podcasts, a GPS and as a modem for my laptop. The problem is that these activities take a HUGE toll on the battery. Your all day phone becomes depleted in a few hours when it’s constantly connected to the web¬† and burning up processor cycles. So I am always looking for ways to extend my battery life.

I bought a Belkin car charger and that was only OK. It charges well enough, but the plug into the iPhone was a bit bigger than the original and it wouldn’t fit when I had my bumper case on. Now if I got “Apple” car charger, it was going to be $30. But I need one in every car!

I found this great unit at Fry’s the other day. It only set me back $18. (Note that the white cable in the picture is NOT an Apple cable, but a spare that I got for $6. Apple wants $19). So what’s so great about it?

Great charger with a piggy back battery!

The first thing that makes it great is that it uses a standard Apple USB plug. It fits every¬† case that I have tried. It’s also remarkably compact. Lastly, look closely and you can see that it’s got a little piggy back battery on it! This unit fastens magnetically to the charger and it’s easily removable when you leave the car. It’s even got a nice little charge meter on it to show you the charge state.

Griffith charger juicing up my iPhone

Here you can see the little battery in action! It’s a very small battery so it’s not going to double your battery life or anything, but it sure comes in handy in an emergency or when your kids iPod is running low on power.

I’ve been using this for a while now and I can whole heartedly recommend it. In real life, the piggy back battery gave my phone about 20% more power before dying.

I still carry around a spare Kensington battery that will give me almost a 80% charge when I need it. I know what you are thinking.. . how many batteries and charges do you really need? Well, as you depend on your phone more and more for entertainment, GPS, videos, web surfing, banking, and of course to talk; you’ll find that battery life becomes a really big deal and that you can never have enough power!

So now I have a different car charger in every car, but my favorite is fast becoming this handy unit with the spare battery. I may get another one for my wife’s car.

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