New Look, new feel

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while. I have had the same landing page look and feel for way too long. It’s time for a change of pace, especially since the quality of web pages and services has improved so dramatically in the past years.
I’ve also found myself wondering where to put the random thoughts I’ve had about the technology industry and also the various gadgets that I am constantly playing around with. It really doesn’t fit into my work blog.

So how does one balance the plethora of options for self expression. This is one of the experiments I am dealing with here. Is it possible to keep a FaceBook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, and WordPress going all at the same time? These are all complete time suckers. Join me in my little experiment and we will figure it out. You may learn a bit about me in the process as well. I look forward to your comments.

About song

Tech guy in the silicon valley. If you need anything else, look on the blog. It's all there.
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