Hardcase for Macbook Pro

As some of you know, I am now running a Macbook Pro with Windows 7 using VMWare Fusion. (That sentence made my brain hurt). It’s been really a pretty nice experience with all the slick goodness of a Mac and the utility of the Windows programs I know and love.

Now the sleek aluminum case of the Mac had to be protected. I looked all around at Best Buy and Fry’s and they all wanted $49.99 for a hardcase shell in rather loud colors. I really didn’t want to change the look of the Mac. I like the cool case. Amazon to the rescue.

A quick search yielded a product from iPearl for only $17.99. I was very skeptical. It’s from an unknown company and it’s less than 1/2 the price of similar products. Always willing to give it a go, I ordered it anyway. Besides Amazon is great about returns if you are not happy. Within 2 days (I’m a Prime member) the shell arrived at my doorstep.

iPearl hardcase for Mac was very nicely packaged and fit wonderfully.

I installed it easily enough by snapping it on the case. The fit is very snug and it’s even got little nubs on the inside in key areas so that the case doesn’t rub on the aluminum and leave marks. It’s really quite remarkable how well it fits. All of the ports are accessible and it doesn’t detract from the looks of the computer at all. This is exactly what I wanted. The only questionable thing in a feature that allows the laptop to tilt. There are two plastic retractable legs on the back. They appear to be made of plastic, but appears kind of delicate to me. I don’t use them often, but when I do I am afraid it might snap off.

I’ll post a followup after a few weeks to let you know how it’s doing. So far (about a week now) I have been really happy and delighted with the performance and protection it provides. For $17.99 it’s a great deal. OK, back to my Windows 7 Hackintosh. 🙂


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