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I’ve been using my iPad as my primary computing device over the past months. I like to keep my iPad thin but protected. Originally, I used an OEM apple magnetic cover and a Kensington TPU (thermo-plastic-urethane) cover to protect the back. Although this setup worked, the magnetic cover got really annoying. It kept coming off at the most inopportune moments, resulting in a dent on my iPad. Time for a new cover.

First, I thought that I would try a keyboard cover and got a Belkin Ultimate Wireless Keyboard
cover at Best Buy for $140. (Amazon has it in black for $96) It’s got all the makings of a great cover, but was ultimately let down by the build quality and price. For $140, I expect the thing to stay together as designed. (Topic for another post).

Beautifully made with great materials

Beautifully made with great materials


After a lot of research I came across a cover from “The Joy Factory” called

Hard plastic back with leather like material.

Hard plastic back with leather like material.

“Connect the Dots”. The one I got is tan colored and is just beautiful. These retail for $79.95, but I was able to get it from an Amazon seller for $40. I think I have discovered the perfect iPad cover.

Here are a few shots of the cover with the iPad inside so that you can see the fit and protection that it affords. There isn’t a thing about the fit that I can complain about. It fits like the proverbial glove.  Also the cover is attached to the back piece so there is no chance of it coming off like with the OEM magnetic cover. The positions available are exactly the same as the OEM unit.



Nice multi-purpose packaging

Nice multi-purpose packaging

When this cover arrived in the mail, I knew there was something

Steve Jobs' quote on a mousepad.

Steve Jobs’ quote on a mousepad.

different about it. The Joy Factory really thought about he packaging and didn’t waste any materials or space. I like that.

The outer sleeve has a zipper up top so that you can reseal the case for watertight storage. You don’t have to cut or rip apart the plastic like so many others.

When you open the cover, it has a mousepad in it with the “Connect the Dots” quote from Steve Job’s commencement speech. These dots are also the inspiration for the black circles on the cover itself. It’s nice that they didn’t just stuff it with something for me to throw away as soon as I opened the cover.


So it looks great, is packaged well and has a bit of a story connected to it. How does it work? After a month of usage, I can say that it’s fantastic. There are several things about this cover that make it the best I’ve encountered. All the attention to details really stands out for me.

Stitched cover with chrome embossing.

Stitched cover with chrome embossing.


  • Stitching – unlike molded plastic covers that just glue pieces together (thermally or chemically) this cover is stitched. You can see this in the picture to the right. 
  • Materials – the cover looks like it is made of leather. I think this may be synthetic, but it feels so real that you may never notice the difference.
  • Inside – the iPad is self is nested in a suede like material. Both the inside of the cover (part touching the iPad glass) as well as the inside of the backside (part touching the aluminum) have a soft material.
  • Logo – The simple chrome Joy Factory logo is embossed and secured into the case. It’s so nicely done.
  • Magnets – yes this turns the iPad on and off like so many covers, but it also has a magnet to keep the cover held in pace when you fold it back to use it in “tablet” mode. No one else has that feature.
  • Dots – the cover isn’t just a blah piece of material. It’s very interesting with the dot pattern in it.

Overall, this cover really stands out from the crowded field of iPad covers. I’ve tried many different alternatives and can highly recommend this cover for all the reasons above. Despite the odd name, it’s a really great product. So hop on over to the Joy Factory site or Amazon you want to find out more.  The Joy Factory SmartSuit3 (Connect the Dots Vintage Khaki)


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