Pros and Cons of Keyboard covers for the MacBook Air

The Macbook Air has one of the best keyboards that I have every come across. The keys are perfectly spaced and provide excellent tactile feedback. To top it off, it’s backlit. I’ve noticed that after a lot of use, the keys on my keyboard get slick from wear. Also, the keyboard seems susceptible to dust, dirt and liquids. A lot of different companies provide keyboard covers that can provide great protection.

Recently one caught my eye because it not only protects the keyboard, it makes the computer very unique and look completely different.

It changes the personality completely!

It changes the personality completely!

This was from a company called Kuzy. Its a silicon rubber cover, but it’s also white! I decided to give this a try on my computer and thought I’d share a few pros and cons after having used it for a few weeks.

Of course, this cover changes the personality of the computer quite a lot. Here is a picture side by side for comparison.

Standard Macbook Air KeyboardNew look!

As you can see, it drastically changes the way it looks. The protection afforded is very good as well. However, all is not great in keyboard land. There are several things that take getting used to.


  • It does look cool!
  • The keyboard is well protected from dust or liquids
  • It’s super thin and the fit is excellent.


  • Typing doesn’t feel the same. The added friction of the silicon keys feels totally different.
  • More effort is needed to press the keys. I don’t type as fast or as error free.
  • The backlight is blocked. I can’t see the letters as well. The painted silicon keys blocks the light.
  • Blocks air circulation? I heard that the Macs draw cooling air through the keyboard. I’m not sure this is entirely true, but if it was the case, this cover would block that air almost completely.

So all in all, this is a balance of style and function. I have a feeling that I will be periodically removing this cover when I get tired of the cons. However during the times that I am drinking or eating something while working on the computer, I’ll keep this installed.

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