Sinister Robot Eyes

OK, I was looking at a picture of the robot in Terminator Salvation and someting was just not right. Then as I was surfing the web, it struck me. Why would anyone design a robots eyes to light up red?

Making eyes that light up is totally pointless.

Making eyes that light up is totally pointless.

Think about the reasoning behind this and you’ll see how ridiculous this is on many fronts.

First, if you are trying to be stealthy in a dark environment, why would you want to give every sniper within 500 feet an easy target? Just aim between the two red markers out there and you’re golden. This would be way too easy of a target.

Second, “eyes” would technically be for light gathering. Every CCD sensor I have ever seen likes a nice dark environment so that it can capture light and transform that into an image. Why the heck would you flood it with light internally? That’s like putting a red light into the body of a digital camera. Every picture would be ruined.

Third, is it a power indicator? Perhaps the fact that a hellish robot coming at you at breakneck speed with its automatic weapon firing is not enough to make you realize that it’s currently turned “on” and operational? The designers needed a glowing red light to indicate that the unit has power. Haven’t you noticed that if the light goes out the robot stops working?

Oh well, this is a movie and visuals are the key. When you goto a movie, you need a “Willing suspension of disbelief” in order to enjoy and get into the plot. This is another example of this concept in action. Alternatively I could patent a weapon that would home in on red lights at eye level and then our futures would be secured! So much for the startup idea. I can save the future world, but knowing my luck, they’ll change the lights to blue and then I’ll be out of luck.

Have fun at the movies!

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  1. Ameer says:

    Now, I could totally get bhnied (no pun intended) a sex-bot that looked like Liv Tyler. But can someone please explain why they chose instead to use the head of Steven Tyler?

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