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Fail! Sony Drivers for Win 7, but Win 7 is Great!

So today I was able to successfully upgrade my laptop computer to Windows 7. It was mostly good, but it was frustrating in a few ways. Props to Sony for updating their website to cover Windows 7 support! However, they … Continue reading

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SSD Drive Characteristics – cont.

This is part 2 (finally) of my experiment with using an SSD as my main drive for my laptop. If you want to read part 1 first, go here SSD versus 7200rpm Drive. In this installment I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Are Solid State Drives Worth the Money?

Solid State Drives (SSD) are said to be the future of storage. They are mostly in premium laptops and servers and can cost quite a bundle. Samsung seems to lead the pack with their 256GB SSD drives for roughly $800-1000. … Continue reading

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